An exquisite romantic comedy. Hooked has it all - witty banter, poignant depth, and some serious sexual tension. One of my absolute favorite reads of 2017!
— USA Today Bestseller Lex Martin
Hooked is filled with witty banter, steamy sexy times, sweet caresses and tender moments, and you’ll find yourself laughing when you probably shouldn’t.
— B3 Book Blog
This book was HILARIOUSLY PERFECT and a lot of fun! I haven’t laughed this much while reading a book in a long time! Karla and Whitney work magically together, like peanut butter and chocolate.
— Author J.C. Hannigan
I laughed, I cringed/shuddered, I swooned, and I fell for the odd couple. I really truly thought that where I have read both authors I would have a small inkling of when who wrote what, but I never did. It was flawless.
— SBR Reviews


X and I were probably doomed from the start.

That’s what happens when you meet in court-mandated group therapy and then try to steal from him to pay off your blackmailing drug dealer. Former drug dealer, thank you very much. I'm turning over a new leaf and all that.

Which is why I should leave him alone.

Except he tempts me to do things I swore I’d stop doing. It’s that whole gruff, grumbly, anti-social thing he has going on. Him, flame. Me, moth. Something about him calls to me, makes the blood hum in my body. And I don't want that feeling to end.

Lucy Connors is straight-up insane.

She looks like a Disney princess and tries my patience in more ways than I thought possible. Besides the fact that I have to save her cute little ass from jail, I can’t quite figure out how to leave her alone. Even when she’s trying her hand at Breaking and Entering. Especially when it's my house she's burglarizing.

Yeah, we were probably doomed from the start.

But that’s the thing about being hooked on something so good, and so bad for you—you don’t walk away when you should.