As of January 2019, Whitney has ten published titles. 

Six Feet Under and Pieces of Eight, the two parts of the Mad Love duet released in spring 2018. The story follows Mira, a redeemable villain, as she navigates a rough life-often thanks to her own self-destruction. This is a story about unconditional love, but broken love. There are triggers for self-harm, addiction, and mental illness.

The Sounds of Secrets, a standalone romance set in the same world as The Weight of Life. This story follows Lotte, who leaves London after falling into bed with her longtime unrequited love, Samson. This is a story about addiction and loving someone who doesn't love you back.

Hooked, a standalone romantic comedy co-written with Karla Sorensen, released August 2017. Hooked is a story about what happens when a quirky felon breaks into a neurotic billionaire's home. It has some dark comedic themes -- think, Weekend at Bernies but with romance. "An exquisite romantic comedy. Hooked has it all - witty banter, poignant depth, and some serious sexual tension. One of my absolute favorite reads of 2017!" - USA Today Bestseller Lex Martin

The Weight of Life is a standalone romance featuring a character from The Bleeding Hearts series. This story is told in dual POV and is about two people grieving the loss of their loved ones, and how moving on isn't the same for everyone.

The Bleeding Hearts series, currently two books: Into the Tomorrows and Back to Yesterday. There will be more standalones in this series, but Into the Tomorrows and Back to Yesterday serve as a duet and follow the story of Trista, a girl whose destiny is sadness. When she falls in love with her boyfriend's roommate, she realizes just how empty her life is. 

Ten Below Zero is a story about a woman who is barely living until she meets a man who is dying. This is a standalone romance, but does feature Mira, a character who is also in the He Found Me series, and will have her own story in 2018.

The He Found Me series is only two books: He Found Me and He Saved Me. These books follow the story of Andra, a woman who ran away from a life of abuse and found herself in Colorado, charmed by a mysterious writer. These books are available in one bundle, which has bonus content not available in the individual books. 


Six Feet Under: The story of Mira and Six, characters that were introduced in the He Found Me series. Releasing Early 2018.